Take your insulation to the next level with corkon

Say goodbye to cold walls, pesky thermal bridges, and annoying sound issues with Corkon – an innovative cork-based solution designed to provide you with top-notch indoor insulation.

Corkon is perfect for all your thermal and acoustic insulation needs, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re living life on the road in your van, sailing the high seas in your boat, or just need reliable indoor insulation, Corkon has got you covered. With its patented formula specifically designed for humid interiors, Corkon is the perfect solution for all your insulation needs.

And the best part? Corkon is the most eco-friendly insulation option out there, with at least 80% cork concentration in its formula. That means you can feel good about using a product that’s not only sustainable but also biodegradable and vegan.

Measure, Mix & Spray

With its simple and straightforward application process, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of thermal and acoustic insulation in no time.

All you need to do is mix one unit of cork with one unit of water, mix, and spray – it’s that easy! And because Corkon can be applied to all shapes and surfaces, you won’t have to worry about any pesky thermal bridges, condensation, or mold.

No matter what your interior is made of, Corkon has got you covered. It’s the perfect solution for metal, wood, polyester, composite materials, tiles, plaster, and more. And with its high cork concentration, you can trust that you’re using an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Your space (and the planet) will thank you for it!

Excell Zone Verte
Indoor Emissions

Corkon is proud to be certified without biocides or fungicides, ensuring that you’re using a safe and healthy product. Corkon has been awarded the prestigious Excell Green Zone certification, which evaluates interior products based on strict criteria. This means that you can trust that Corkon not only delivers on performance but also meets high standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Hygrometric Insulation
Sound Insulation
Lasting Solution
100% Biodegradable