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Corkon is a cutting-edge product made in France under the trademark Soliege. The cork, binders and other components of the product are all sustainably sourced from France.

Cork, natural fibers, mineral fillers, thickening and binding agents. 94% are of natural origin and the product is 100% biodegradable.

Yes, harvesting cork is a sustainable practice when it is done correctly. Cork is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable resource that is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, without harming the tree itself.

When cork is harvested, only the outer layer of the bark is removed, leaving the underlying layers intact. The tree then regenerates the outer layer of bark, which can be harvested again in about nine years. This process can continue for up to 200 years, making cork a highly renewable resource.

Yes, Cork is a natural fire retardant, which means it has properties that make it resistant to fire. Cork unique structure helps preventing the spread of flames and limiting heat transfer. When exposed to heat or flame, cork will not ignite easily, and will not emit toxic gases or smoke.

Our spray cork is naturally beige. 

Its natural and neutral color makes it easy to colour it with natural color pigments. 

In principle this is not a problem. We recommend slightly sanding the surface of the spray cork and then working with an appropriate spray adhesive. However, it is not necessary to process spray cork with felt.


One bag can cover between 8m2 to 10 m2, applied in two layers with a total thickness of approx. 2mm. Feel free to reach out to get some help on the right quantity needed for your project.

No. Our spray cork is a dry product that is packed in paper bags to protect the environment and increase quality. It is free from fungicides and biocides normally used to preserve this type of product. Due to its composition and packaging, it has no expiration date, so there is no need to use it all at once.

  • Corkon should be stored in a cool, dry and low-humidity place. 
  • Ideal room temperature between 5° and 35° Celsius. 
  • Avoid storing the paper bags directly on the floor (e.g. in basement rooms), to prevent moisture absorption from the floor

The spray cork loses about 50% of its actual weight by the time it dries out completely.

2 to 3 layers are usually recommended depending on your project

  • First, spray a thin adhesive layer – let it dry (time will vary  
  • Apply  then a filling layer. 
  • Let dry for 12-24hours depending on the environment 
  • Then spray a third layer and/or a fourth one depending on the project or the desired usage.
  • Corkon has been designed to adhere to different kind of support, but the surface must be completely dry.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface by removing dust, debris, and any detaching parts.
  • Apply protection and adhesive tape on areas you do not wish to cover with Corkon.
  • Ambient temperature between 5° and 35° C
  • Apply the product in a clean and ventilated environment away from direct sunlight, frost, rain, and wind.
  • Avoid applying if relative humidity is higher than 70%
  • Apply on dry surface.
  • Protect all areas you do not wish to cover.
  • Store the unused product in its original packaging.
  • Once mixed Corkon should be used within an hour.

Drying time will very much depend on temperature and relative ambient humidity.

  • Allow 12-24 hours between 2 coats.
  • Keep the sprayed surface away from the elements when drying (direct sunlight, rain, wind, frost)
  • Complete drying: 24 hours to 1 week (depending on thickness)
  • Once mixed Corkon should be used within an hour.
  • On average it takes 20 minutes to apply. 
  • If Corkon has already stood for 30 minutes, it is advisable to mix it through again.

Yes, our product is very easy to use. However, having an experience with a compressor and spray gun will definitively help. If not, between prepping the surface, mixing and applying Corkon we would recommend you getting a helping hand.

  • 90L (minimum) compressor. Pressure 45 to 55 psi
  • Spray-gun & nozzle 6 to 8 mm
  • Bucket
  • Mixing paddle (helical drill)

Wash tools with water right after the use.

Yes, Corkon has been designed and engineered to last when prepared and applied strictly according to our guidelines. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can hold up for at least 10 years.

Technical Information

The dew point is the temperature at which water transitions from a gaseous to a liquid state. The water vapor present in the air condenses upon contact with a cold surface in the form of dew (e.g. droplets on window panes). The dew point is reached when the minimum temperature is reached below which the air can no longer hold the water vapor.

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The break let the warm indoor air meet the cold surface and quickly reaches its dew point creating moisture and condensation. This humidity can create corrosion and cause damage to the bodywork and furniture.

Delivery Information

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